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Villa And Couto of Goivaens

QUINTA DE CEIS is located in the old parish of Gouvães do Douro and in the parish of Covas do Douro, lands whose origin is lost in time and where the culture of the vine has millennial roots.

Gouvães Douro, renowned by long-standing exceptional quality of its wines, was a town and seat of the municipality since the reign of D. Sancho I in 1202 and until 1836.

In the 18th century, during the Pombaline and Mariana wine region demarcations, this area – currently the municipality of Sabrosa – was privileged with 17 granite landmarks.

Tranquility, Sustainability and Ecology

Implanted in rough terrain, in an exceptional area for the cultivation of vines and olive trees, surrounded by native vegetation and schistous terrains, with the stunning omnipresence of the Douro River and the “designed” slopes.

Refuge where you can enjoy forgotten pleasures, lost rurality, contributing to the sustainability of the place and minimizing the environmental impact.

A New Rural Tourism Space

Quinta de Ceis - Vinhos DOP Douro, Vinhos do Porto & Azeites Biológicos

In a magical and serene natural environment, we are integrating harmonious architectural projects.

A new building is under construction respecting the landscape and the design of the primitive terraces of the Douro river valley.