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Organic Olive Oil

An award-winning

delicate blend.

In 2017 we restarted the production of extra virgin organic olive oil exclusively from our olive groves, certified in organic production. We select and harvest olives from some of our century-old olive trees. The meticulous attention we give to each stage of production has been recognized with prizes in the most important international competitions. The fast and surprising recognition of the high quality and consistency of all our limited editions of our extra virgin organic olive oil from 2017, 2018 and 2019 certified by CERTIS. In the WREVOO – world ranking of EVOO and respective companies – QUINTA DE CEIS, after 3 years of production, is in the TOP 100 Societies of the WORLD 2020.


Bio Limited Edition

An extra virgin organic olive oil, certified, moderately fruity, fresh, smooth and of exceptional quality, from the sub-region of Cima-Côrgo. Pleasant aroma. Freshly cut herb and green almond. Very clean in the mouth with balanced bitter sweet. Elegant, floral, retronasal flavor. Striking end.

The award-winning QUINTA DE CEIS Limited Edition is among the best organic extra virgin olive oils in the world.

Packaging recognized  with Best Label Design in Terraolivo.

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A certified extra virgin organic olive oil from the Douro Superior sub-region. Medium fruity, green, with aromas of herbs and fresh leaves. Notes of green apple and almond. Excellent and complex aromas. In the mouth, balanced, with complexity. Mild bitter and spicy. Harmonious and with a pleasant final persistence.

In 2020, the first production was awarded in all the competitions it participated worldwide.

The design of the label, of this new CEIS brand, is inspiring and “trendy”. Minimalism prevailed, stripping the packaging of everything that is non-essential. The graphics, simplicity and brand stand out. An example of “less is more”.

Best Design Packaging, in OLIVINUS.

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A certified extra virgin organic olive oil from Douro Superior sub-region. Medium fruity, ripe, with aromas of dried fruits, particularly almonds. Slightly bitter and spicy. In the mouth harmonious with a persistent finish.

The label design, with the characteristic dimensions of our labels, reveals a symbolic watercolor references the “liquid gold”.

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Quinta de Ceis

Label Designs

The elegant design of the QUINTA DE CEIS labels stood out among hundreds of candidates, from all over the world.

Our label of QUINTA DE CEIS Limited Edition was one of the three awarded with the “Best Label Design” at Terraolivo 2019, the prestigious Mediterranean competition.

Our screen printed CEIS Bio was awarded with the “Best Packaging Design” at Olivinus 2020, the most important competition of the Southern hemisphere.

We believe that our labels are the most important element of the “packaging” of our products. They play a prominent role in the image of QUINTA DE CEIS that we intend to implement in the market and that, undoubtedly, reveals the philosophy and concept of the family, as a producer.

We are particularly proud of these achievements.